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The main performance of the battery

The main performance of the battery

Energy density 1.

Lithium - manganese dioxide battery voltage up to more than 3 v, is the double of batteries, the electrical appliances, means that can save the power space and weight.

2. The discharge performance

Even after a long period of discharge, it remained stable working voltage, use this greatly improves the reliability of the electrical appliances to achieve the degree of free maintenance (basic don't need to replace the battery).

3. The temperature characteristic

High quality, good conductivity of the application of the organic electrolyte solution, can make the battery in - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ temperature within the scope of work, normally through a special process and formula, also can meet the requirement to 40 ~ 80 ℃ temperature.

4. The leakproof performance

Reliable seal structure and USES the high quality of electro-hydraulic and positive and negative active material, make the battery has a good leakproof performance.

5. Job characteristics

Due to the effect of organic matter and lithium, lithium in the cathode of a protective film layer is formed on the surface, this is lithium battery can keep the root cause of the performance unchanged for a long time, coupled with high precision, reliable battery seal structure and stability of active material is used, can bring down in the capacity of the battery self-discharge rate control at the levels of less than 2%.


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